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NEW 2017 Double Wide WHOLESALE MOBILE HOMES, as low as 39,900.00 just click above on MH Video 1 28x72 (4/2),MH Video 2
28x68 (4/2), and MH Video 3 28x56 (3/2
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 "We have New Mobile Homes just click on  the MH Video 1 above and look at our 2016 New 4/2 28 x72 Wholesale unit that is only 44,900.00 "

"also we have a 2016 New 4/2 28 x 68 Wholesale unit above that is only 42,900.00" just click on MH Video 2"
"and a New 2016 28x56 Wholesale unit that is only 39,900.00 just click on MH Video 3"
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 New Homes 2017 3 bedrooms as low as 39,900.00

''Look Below for our Used Refurbed Repo Mobile'' Homes
Starting at 34,900.00
28x52 3/2
Zone 2
 Refurbed Repo Used Homes


28x52 3/2 Refurbed Repo Zone 2  Mobile Home 27,500.
Discount Home Number 1 Below AC Included, New Appliances, Zone 

SOLD !!!
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How to Buy a Used or Manufactured Home 

For millions of people around the United States, finding a place to live that is comfortable and affordable usually means making certain sacrifices. Apartments for example are affordable, but you do not own the property and your rent can go up. Purchasing a standard home can be expensive, if not out of your range entirely. The solution for many people can be found in buying a low cost manufactured home. 

Many people have not thought of buying used mobile home because it brings images of poorly constructed or a badly used, cheap manufactured home. The truth is that today buying a mobile home today means getting a high quality, finely manufactured discount mobile home that can fit your needs. 

Thanks to new construction techniques, better overall materials and a slew of new mobile home designs, the manufactured housing market is now thriving. If you own the land you want to place your new mobile home on, you might be able to use the value of your land as collateral and get a really good deal. 

Here are some tips to follow when you start your journey to buy a mobile home. These are the basics you should cover when deciding what low cost mobile home is right for you. 

With a housing market that has been tanking for so many years, the market is now a buyer's market. If you're considering buying a mobile home or a manufactured home, there's no longer a reason to keep sleeping on it. With prices as low as they'll ever be, you'll find that buying a manufactured home is not only cheap, but it could even be that you could purchase, flip, and make money off of these homes. With cash deals available to you, there's no reason not to make a purchase now.

When you look at the prices of regular houses and think that you can afford it, it's time to consider your options of a bank repo manufactured home. With millions of people defaulting on their loans every year, and banks wanting to get rid of the houses that they have in their assets, it's a poor decision if you decide to hold out on buying low cost manufactured homes or low cost modular homes.

What you'll also find is that these pieces of property are much easier to maintain, afford to live in, and even upgrade while you live in it. Manufactured home repos don't have nearly the damage of foreclosed homes that people owned and defaulted on. Additionally, several manufactured home sales are much much cheaper than buying a regular home on the market. You can usually find yourself purchasing a mobile home for about 10% of the price of a regular house.

If you're trying to find a mobile home, you've got to know where to look on the market today. Rather than digging through countless listings with people who have their modular and manufactured homes for sale on real estate sites, it's smart to find listings like this one that have done all of the searching for you to help you find cheap modular homes and cheap mobile homes.

Now that you know where to find cheap mobile homes and manufactured home bank repos, the only thing you need to do is act. Cheap modular homes can be difficult to find if you don't know exactly where to look. 


               is your best source for cheap Discounted
                                   manufactured homes for sale in SOUTHEASTERN USA !  WHOLESALE DEALER


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